ARMOPLAST is a leading Russian manufacturer of composite fiberglass fixtures. Modern construction requires modern materials will be more practical, durable and efficient. That’s why we are working every day to create new innovational technologies. We can propose to the market the high-quality product – the modern decision for construction and not only for this purpose.
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It is efficient
Advantage is up to 50% at equal in strength replacement of metal fixtures
It does not become rusty
It is waterproof, not corroded, not causing destruction of concrete.
It is easy to install
It does not require welding, it can be bound by wire or plastic straps
It is durable
The service life of the composite fixture is up to 80 years, what 2-3 times more metal one.
It has low weight
The expenses for delivery and installation are reduced, and, also, the fixture does not load the structure
It is strong
The composite fixture strength of breakage is 3 times higher than metal one.
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Order the fixtures directly from the manufacturing plant
Wide specter of PRO GRID application will satisfy even the most exacting users. Everyone will find the decision for construction objects of any purpose:
Civil construction objects
Reinforcement of foundations, walls, floor bridles, and arrangement of flexible connections.
Maritime objects
Bank reinforcement, construction of bridges, reinforcement of coastal structures, pontoon bridges, massifs and giant massifs, gravity type bases for oil- and gas-producing platforms.
Road objects
Reinforcement of concrete parking grounds, roadbeds, railroad sleepers, subway, and concrete pedestrian ways
Industrial objects
Reinforcement of chemical structures and industrial floors.
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Order the supports for plants directly from the manufacturing plant
ARMOPLAST company delivers composite fiberglass supports and pickets for plants into the largest vineyard and agricultural enterprises, shops for gardens and vegetable gardens, specialized hypermarkets along whole Russia for the period of more than ten years Supports for plants made of composite fiberglass have a series of advantages comparing to the supports made of metal or wood.
The composite material strength allows to use the pickets repeatedly for several decades by moving the support from one plant to another.
Reliable support for young plants
The young plants with pickets and supports grow ideally even, are not deformed and not broken under influence of wind, the load on the plant is distributed uniformly, the plants are open for the sun and fresh air inflow, what promotes the healthy growth and development.
Ecological compatibility
Materials of which the composite supports and pickets are produced are non-toxic and ecologically safe. All these aspects allow to use the composite supports and pickets in agriculture without concerning the ecological compatibility of own products. 4. NO to mold and harmful insects.
NO to mold and harmful insects
The ARMOPLAST composite supports and pickets are not subject to development of mold, fungi, bacteria, and harmful insects. The plants remain healthy, and the pickets may be used for a long period of time.
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