Corrosion and chemical stability
It possesses the absolute stability to exposure to humidity, chemically aggressive and alkaline conditions, does not rot and rust. It does not provoke the concrete destruction.
The tensile strength indexes are three times higher the ones of metal grid.
Low heat conduction
It reduces the heat losses in building, excludes the formation of cold bridges, and considerably increases the building power efficiency.
Low specific gravity promotes the reduction of delivery and installation costs, as well as loading-unloading man-hour costs. It does not load the structure itself
The service life is three times higher than the one of metal grid, and comprises 80 years and more.
Complete dielectric and radio transparent abilities
It does not create radio interferences, as well as the ones for mobile communication and for quality of Internet communication.
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Comparison of steel and composite reinforcement
Tensile strength
Modulus of elasticity
Modulus of elongation
Density (weight)
1000 MPa
40-50 HPa
1,9 t/m3
Up to 80 years
390 МПа
180-200 HPa
7 t/m3
6 and 12 m
Up to 40 years

Packing versions of composite grid

Grid in cards
1×2 meters, 0.5×2 meters
Order from production-plant
Grid in reels
from 10 up to 400 meters
Order from production-plant

New approach in composite grid production

by means of sew-knit technology. As distinct from ordinary grid of superimposed type, the PRO GRID is invulnerable in areas of cross-type connections. It endures the load of up to 650 kg and more.

  • Sew-knit technology
    Increases the material strength in areas of cross-type connections.
  • Counter-torsion of longitudinal bar
    Provides “work” of the material in several directions.
  • Axial torsion of longitudinal and lateral connections
    Increases the composite density by making the material more stable to destructive effects.
  • High-quality composition
    Does not have nylon, polypropylene threads, and other foreign elements in its composition.
More detailed information on the production

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