It is efficient
Advantage is up to 50% at equal in strength replacement of metal fixtures.
It is easy to install
It does not require welding, it can be bound by wire or plastic straps.
It has low weight
The expenses for delivery and installation are reduced, and, also, the fixture does not load the structure.
It does not become rusty
It is waterproof, not corroded, not causing destruction of concrete.
It is durable
The service life of the composite fixture is up to 80 years, what 2-3 times more metal one.
It is strong
The composite fixture strength of breakage is 3 times higher than metal one.
It is warm
It reduces the heat losses and excludes the cold bridges due to its low heat conduction.
It is thermal proof
It is stable to thermal gradient from – 70 up to +200°С, and it has high class of fire safety.
It is dielectric
Does not conduct electrical current.
It is ecological
It is made of fiberglass, and does not emit harmful substances.
It is radio transparent
It does not create any screens and interferences for mobile and Wi-Fi communications, as well as for complex medical equipment.
Bridge construction
Civil construction objects
Objects on the water
Coastal fortification
Industrial objects
Road construction
Reinforcement of foundations and walls
“Coil-into-coil” unique packaging system
As distinct of steel reinforcement, the composite one can be transported and stored in the coil. The car is enough for transporting the composite reinforcement. It saves the place and reduces the transportation, working and storage at warehouse expenses by 50%.
Up to 100 000 m
inside the truck
Up to 50 000 m
inside the minivan
Up to 1000 m
inside the car trunk
Profit in usage of composite materials Tell us about your project, and find out how much you can save.
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Comparison of steel and composite reinforcement
Tensile strength
Modulus of elasticity
Modulus of elongation
Density (weight)
1000 MPa
40-50 HPa
1,9 т/м3
Up to 80 years
390 MPa
180-200 HPa
7 t/m3
6 and 12 m
Сonducts electricity
Up to 40 years
Order fixtures directly from the factory
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That’s why, the special attention of ARMOPLAST company is attended to introduction of new technologies during production of composite reinforcement to produce the really high-quality product. The technical decision department of ARMOPLAST company regularly performs adjustment and improvement of equipment in order to increase the product quality. Thanks to own technological decisions and modern equipment, the production speed index of composite fiberglass reinforcement at ARMOPLAST two times higher than average index of standard equipment at other enterprises.

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